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Why choose the VIRTUALIZATION?

* Using physical infrastructure in the traditional way is an inefficient practice which results in:

*Source: VMware

Why VIRTUALIZE your Systems?


Thanks to the dynamic allocation of resources and CPUs


Fewer devices needed

Reduce your FEES

Less to buy, lower energy and maintenance costs

Distline virtualization benefits

Technologies at VANGUARD

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Distline experience meets innovation VMware

The stability and operational continuity of virtualized systems is essential. For this reason we only use VMware virtualization systems that have been tested and that guarantee wide compatibility.

Get higher performance while lowering costs.

FLEXIBILITY and SECURITY without precedent

SERVER Virtualization

Virtualize your servers to significantly reduce the amount of Hardware equipment needed by using all of its computing capacity.

NETWORK Virtualization

Forget the traditional network architecture: manage Firewalls, Switches and Routers from software, for a secure, fast and flexible Networking.

DESKTOP Virtualization

Deploy virtual or remote desktops and applications through a single Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).


Virtualize the Server Infrastructure

The Customer is a company that produces and markets sanitizers and detergents that has moved to a new factory following an increase in the number of machinery and personnel.

The company asked Distline to implement a new server infrastructure for the new headquarters. 

Our technicians analyzed the situation and planned out the virtualization of the 3 old physical machines on a new generation server.

The new server is able to manage multiple virtual machines. This has allowed the Customer to optimize the performance of all company services.

The infrastructure was built and configured before the moving of the company, using VMware software for the management of 8 virtual machines.

The system made it possible to obtain high performance and a significant reduction in the maintenance costs of the server infrastructure.

Distline rack virtualization

A VIRTUAL world in your hands

Thanks to our know-how we are able to configure the most suitable server, network or desktop virtualization solution for your company.

Trust Distline for the virtualization of your IT systems


Improve the performance, security and flexibility of your IT infrastructure.

Our Experts will help you to choose and implement the perfect virtualization solution for your company.

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