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Did you know that 95% of data breaches start with a phishing email?

Year after year, the frequency and accuracy of phishing are increasing, making more and more difficult the task of detecting these attacks, even for well-trained staff.

This leads to disastrous consequences, such as:

Why should you choose Tessian?


With a risk-based approach


More powerful than traditional Email Security Gateways

Tool of DLP

Prevents information leaking

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Le new challenges of Email Security

Hacker coding malware to be attached in emails

What risks do the latest attack techniques pose to businesses?

Email is the number one cyber threat vector.

The new Social Engineering techniques allowed cybercriminals to use personal information collected online to perform targeted attacks.

The increased accuracy has allowed the widespread diffusion of attacks such as Business Email Commitment (BEC), Whaling e CEO Fraud, which consist in simulating real business communications with the aim of extorting money or obtaining information.

In addition to attacks, organizations face the risk of disclosure of confidential data via email. For example, think of an employee who sends an email message to the wrong address, attaches a document intended for others, or sends data to a personal email address.

Dealing with these situations requires something more than a rule-based Anti Spam or Email Security Gateway.

A new concept of email protection

Why Traditional Email Security Gateways fail?

Legacy solutions fail to provide complete protection against new threats, because:

This means that a wide range of threats are not detected, putting the survival of your organization at serious risk. Among these are:

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How it differs Tessian?

Detection and Prevention

Tessian takes advantage of the Machine Learning for behavior and context analysis in order to identify possible indicators of attack.

Thanks to the NLP (Natural Language Processing) technology to detect malicious intent, identity theft, compromises and payloads, proportionate responses to the level of risk are automatically implemented.

Education and Awareness

Whenever low-risk malicious emails are detected, employees receive an alert with a simple and clear explanation of the threat.

On the other hand, dangerous emails are automatically put in quarantine.

Workload reduction for the IT team

Work smarter, not harder!

Thanks to automated triage, with investigation, remediation and risk reporting, Tessian significantly reduces the workload of the IT team, freeing up time for other important tasks.

Tessian's superior accuracy avoids overload of alerts and allows staff to face only actual threats.

How it works Tessian Email Security & DLP?

Prevent threats with control actions and critical searches on inbound and outbound email.




Using the Machine Learning, Tessian technology learns business dynamics and creates reference behavioral models to identify anomalous behaviors and quantify the risks.




It intervenes automatically in the event of security threats coming from emails or risk of data exfiltration, avoiding serious damage to the company and unburdening the work of security personnel.




When in contact with a threat, it proposes interactive warning and training messages to the staff, an essential activity for reducing human errors. Furthermore, with the feedback received, it improves its behavioral models.

Tessian Cloud Email Security Platform: a modular solution

The 4 Core components of the platform

Inbound Protection

Tessian Defender

Automatic protection from Spear Phishing, Business Email Compromise and any other type of attack.

Outbound Email DLP

Tessian Guardian

Prevents accidental data loss due to emails directed to the wrong recipient or wrong attachments.

Outbound Email DLP

Tessian Enforcer

Block the exfiltration of data to personal and unauthorized employee email addresses.

Outbound Email DLP

Tessian Architect

Design and deploy custom policies to ensure employee email activity is compliant and secure.

Tessian is recognized by Gartner

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Tessian is a Representative Vendor in Gartner's Market Guide for Data Loss Prevention 2022

THEEmail Security like you've never seen it before

Choose Tessian for advanced threat protection and email data exfiltration prevention.

Trust Distline to secure your business communications with Tessian

EMAIL and DLP security

Protect your data from external attacks and the risk that they can go outside the company perimeter.

Tessian is one complete and state-of-the-art solution which allows you to focus on your business without any other worries.

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