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The risks of the REMOTE WORK

Working in any place you want offers many possibilities, but also conceals numerous risks for the company caused by:

Productivity and Flexibility without precedent

Remote Desktop VIRTUAL

Remote work sessions with RDS Client

SIMPLIFY the organization

Centralized management through a single Server

Applications REMOTE

Use apps on VMs as if they were local

Distline smart working advantages


The world of work is changing… what about you?

Dynamic communications and team work are possible even remotely with the new generation communication and technical tools.

The Digital Transformation and the Internet of Things offer new possibilities, with many advantages for both companies and workers. Companies can save on rents and bills and workers have the convenience of having their own work environment directly at home.

Reducing travels between home and office allows not only to save money on fuel and public transport passes, but also to reduce the environmental impact.

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How to begin with SMART WORK?

It is not easy to choose among all the possible ways of doing Smart Working. For this reason Distline designed an ideal remote working methodology suitable for many different situations.


Access company resources through a secure channel that guarantees the transit of data in a secure way. Using a VPN or SSL tunnel you can transfer encrypted data over the network.


A secure connection alone is not enough. Without adequate Endpoint protection systems, attackers can exploit the connection to corporate servers to carry malware within the corporate perimeter. For this reason it is essential to use an Antimalware and a Firewall, even from home.


Your work environment as you know it, even remotely. Through Remote Desktop Services your employees will be able to work exactly as they do in the office. With this solution you can guarantee maximum efficiency and reduce the maintenance costs of company devices.


MFA is a secure authentication system that allows you to identify users who access your network, using a combination of Password, Fingerprint recognition, Approval on mobile authenticator (OTP, QR code or push notification) and mobile device DNA.

Performance and Security REMOTELY

To give you the opportunity to work in Smart Working in a productive and secure way, we provide the most advanced IT solutions.

Distline watchguard


Firewall, SSL VPN, Multi-Factor Authentication are some of the fundamental WatchGuard technologies for a secure connection. As a WatchGuard Gold Partner, we know in depth the systems we offer and configure them in the most appropriate way for your company.

Blackberry Cylance

Blackberry Cylance

It is essential to protect your Endpoints from malware, in order to prevent easy access to your network via private connection. Cylance PROTECT is the Artificial Intelligence Antimalware par excellence, the ultimate defense against any type of malicious software.

Distline Microsoft licenses

Remote Desktop Services

We use Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS) to virtualize your collaborators' work environment directly from Windows Server or Microsoft Azure. Applications, user interface and documents are available in the Cloud for maximum performance and flexibility.

A new way of thinking about WORK

Choose to make the most of the possibilities offered by new technologies.

Rely on Distline for work in Smart Working

Discover a new way of work

Smart Working is much more than a temporary solution to Covid.

By implementing remote work in the right way, you can give to your collaborators the possibility to organize their working day independently, with consequent productivity benefits.

Contact us to find out more: our Experts will guide you in choosing and configuring the most suitable tools for your business.

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