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Distline corporate network content management

Perimeter protection

Protect your corporate network from intruders, hackers and malware with i More advanced firewalls.

MFA hacker

Email Security

La e-mail it is a fundamental tool for your organization. 

With our tools of Email Security you can block Phishing and any other kind of attack that exploits emails.

Distline business protection from viruses and malware


Distline presents the new generation of AntiMalware. The highest level of protection thanks toArtificial intelligence.

Outbound spam filter

AI Security UEBA / SIEM

The software UEBA e SIEM they are powerful tools for analyzing the behavior of users and entities in order to detect security risks of the entire corporate IT infrastructure and remedy them automatically.

Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Analysis

Distline uses the fastest, safest and most advanced prevention systems to carry out acontinuous security analysis that does not interfere with productivity.

Strong distline authentication

Multifactor Authentication

Ensure secure access to corporate devices with Multifactor Authentication (MFA)


Your Security, our Priority

Cybercrime spares no one.

It is a real threat to all businesses, including small local businesses and shops.

A million Malware is released every day, and companies are repeatedly facing Phishing, Ransomware, Trojans and Spyware, just to name a few.

Are you sure you are safe?

Do you believe your organization is immune from cyber attacks?

To prevent is better than to cure. Rely on the expertise and assistance of those who have been working in the sector for years. Protect the result of your work from viruses and attacks now with our advanced Cybersecurity Solutions.

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