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Distline distributes products of proven effectiveness and continuously searches for innovative solutions to new technological scenarios.


Find and correct the vulnerabilities of your IT infrastructure, Website or E-Commerce

Distline HP greenbone

Greenbone Networks

Scan your network for vulnerabilities with Greenbone Networks’ solutions for Cyber Resilience. With physical and virtual GSM appliances, and Greenbone Cloud Services you will be able to perform internal and external Vulnerability Assessment scans on your ICT network. Be always one step ahead of hackers with Greenbone Networks.

Distline Acunetix


Find and fix vulnerabilities in your Website and Web APIs with Acunetix. Choose between the Standard, Premium and 360 versions and take advantage of Acunetix vulnerability scanner for Vulnerability Management. Acunetix offers the most performing web scanning tools, with a low incidence of false positives.


Solutions for advanced protection of corporate emails from Malware, Phishing, Whaling, CEO Fraud



Libraesva is a leader in the Email Security field with Libraesva Email Security Gateway (ESG), Load Balancer and Email Archiver products. In particular, the Libraesva ESG system is a virtual appliance that provides comprehensive protection for all kinds of email threats, even Zero Day ones.


Physical, Virtual and Cloud Next Generation Firewall Appliances, Multifactor Authentication and Cloud Managed Access Points

Distline watchguard


WatchGuard Firebox Next-Gen Firewalls are a must have for the perimeter defense of your network. They are available in rack, tabletop and rugged format, as well as a virtual appliance and as cloud services. WatchGuard Firebox Firewalls come with Basic or Total Security Suite security services for intrusion prevention, application control, SPAM and malware prevention, and more.


Computers, servers and everything else you need for your IT infrastructure

Distline Dell


The best PCs, servers, displays and storage units to create converged and hyper-converged infrastructures for the digital transformation. With DELL Technologies you can modernize your IT infrastructure to drive innovation and achieve concrete business results.

Distline HP hewlett packard enterprise

Hewlett Packard

PCs, Workstations and 2-in-1 Laptops for business and smart working. In partnership with Hewlett-Packard Enterprise we provide your company with servers available in rack, tower, composable, bladed and hyperconverged formats, as well as data storage and networking systems.


Traditional and AI anti-malware for the prevention of viruses, ransomware, intrusions and more

Distline kaspersky new logo


Effective protection with Small Office Security and Endpoint Security Cloud. File, web and email threats, ransomware protection and exploits prevention. Includes vulnerability scanning and mobile protection.

Distline Blackberry cylance

Blackberry Cylance

Artificial Intelligence driven Cybersecurity solutions able to predict next generation threats with high speed and accuracy. Advanced IT security in all areas with Protect, Optics and Persona software. Cylance offers the best of AI Prevention for Endpoints.

Distline watchguard


Products and solutions for Enterprise and Small Business to identify threats and stop incoming attacks. Secure your physical, virtual, cloud and container environments by protecting them from known and Zero Day vulnerabilities. Advanced protection of Client, Server, Email and Web with Intrusion Prevention systems.


Fast, safe and simple Backup and Replication Software

Distline veeam


Veeam Backup & Replication and Availability Suite solutions are industry-leading data and application backup and replication software, built for the cloud, virtual and physical environments. With a single console, you get reliable backup, fast recovery and secure replication, as well as cloud portability and intelligent storage.


Artificial Intelligence applied to IT Security for the analysis of online behavior

Distline Securonix


AI and Machine Learning for Cybersecurity with SaaS deployment with Securonix Next-Gen SIEM, SOAR and UEBA platforms. The software is Cloud-based and uses Data-Enrichment technologies to compose advanced Threat Chains and Risk Scoring, and provides automated responses to alerts with the Response Bot.

Distline netwrix


Netwrix Auditor is a simple and powerful data security tool. Control your cybersecurity in a data-centric and precision-oriented way to identify and classify sensitive information, reduce risk exposure, detect threats, achieve and demonstrate compliance, prevent data breaches.


Virtualization services for digital transformation and optimization of corporate resources

Distline vmware


The best virtualization software, cloud services and hyperconverged infrastructure solutions. Create, manage and secure a Virtual Cloud Network with NSX software. Virtualize computers and servers with vSphere or build your own Digital Workspace to work safely anywhere and on any device.


Maintenance and SLA services for repairs and warranties of computer systems of any brand

Distline GCI

General Computer Italy

Multivendor customized maintenance of IT systems. GCI Service Factory operates through trained technicians that provide 24/7 Service Desk services, hardware customization, as well as IMAC and moving data center services. The service portfolio is complemented by flexible SLAs, HPE certified Cloud and Digital Signage.


The best GDPR Compliance software platforms, for an easy and functional EU Privacy Law compliance

Distline privacy lab

Privacy Lab

Privacy Lab is the first GDPR Compliance platform certified at European level for the obligations defined in RU 679/2016 on data processing. Cloud services and tools for compliance with the European Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data. Start organizing your company’s GDPR compliance right away.

Distline BLog

Enterprise BusinessLog

BusinessLog is a log management suite for IT security and corporate GDPR compliance, which works in compliance with the provisions of the Privacy Guarantor for the Log registration obligations of System Administrators and the GDPR - R. UE 679/2016. It provides complete control over the hosts and services status.


The best Italian Data Centers for maximum security of your data

Distline Irideos


Irideos is the new ICT hub for companies, whether they are large companies, small and medium-sized companies, public administration and wholesale. Irideos provides cloud, data center, optical fiber, IT systems management and security solutions for the digital innovation, IT development and competitiveness of companies.

Distline Reevo


ReeVo is a secure and certified cloud provider whose infrastructure is located near Milan, in Italy. It provides IaaS services such as Cloud Datacenter and Cloud or Hybrid Backup, Disaster Recovery and Enterprise Mobility, Sync & Share. The Cloud Security Service is active 365 days a year, 24 hours a day


Performing hardware and systems for maximum network performances

Distline cisco


Systems and products for IT infrastructure, networking and network architecture like switches and routers. Solutions for the Internet of Things, IoT Networking, IoT Gateway, Cybersecurity, IoT Connectivity, IoT Operations and Data Management. Secure wireless with indoor, industrial and outdoor Access Points.

Aruba Networks

Aruba Networks (HPE)

Enterprise Wi-Fi solutions with Access Point and Gateway Controllers, secure and high-performing Wi-Fi 6 wireless LANs. Aruba Networks Switches for companies and data centers are designed for cloud, mobile and IoT applications. They also provide SD-WAN and Network Access Control solutions.


We actively manage license renewals for all productivity software

Distline Microsoft licenses


We provide productivity software like the Office Suite with Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access and others, Exchange Mail Server, Outlook Client, Windows operating systems for PC and Servers. We use Remote Desktop Services to virtualize the Windows environment from a Server to work outside of the office.

Distline Adobe licenses


Licenses for Adobe Acrobat software for PDF management and Creative Cloud applications for productivity with Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator and Premiere Pro. Manage video content, photography, documents for creativity, design, marketing and e-commerce in the easiest possible way with the Cloud apps or the Adobe on-premise local installation.


SSL encryption certificates for your Websites, E-Commerce and Domains

distline comfortable ssl certificate

Comodo SSL Certificate

Comodo provides SSL encryption certificates for websites that are compatible with all popular browsers, with unlimited server licensing and 24/7 technical support. Unlimited re-issues for certificates with a 30 day guarantee. Single or multiple domain licenses are available in annual subscriptions.