Distline - Systems, networks and IT security

What do you expect from an ICT Partner?

We provide advanced devices, infrastructures and services for data processing and cybersecurity. Using our organizational consultancy approach, we provide the technological solution that best suits the customer's needs.

Where did we start from?

Distline was born from an idea of ​​Roberto Favaro and Stefano Zanoni in 2006.
We started with the enthusiasm and the desire to immediately bring tangible benefits to our customers.

Thanks to the high commitment and constant training, we have been able to welcome new Collaborators to our Team, expand the variety of our IT Solutions and create new synergies with high-level Partners.

Our expertise

We have established our operations on the European territory and we work every day with different realities, from professionals to large companies.

We are continually looking for innovative technologies and products in the areas of IT Infrastructure and Network Solutions, Perimeter and Endpoint Security, UAM and Vulnerability Management.

Our mission as an ICT Partner

We have acquired great know-how and experience from the study of the most advanced products and solutions available. This has allowed us to have a profound vision of the IT world and above all to guarantee our customers the best performing technologies.

How we put our experience at YOUR service

Your company is important: in Distline we work tirelessly to provide you with the best technical support and fast problem resolution, operating remotely or at your headquarters.

Dynamic like Distline

Speed ​​and Flexibility at your service

Don't get caught unprepared by emergencies, act early.

Every time we start to work with a new company we search for the flaws in the IT systems that could cause damage if underestimated. Than we analyze and report these flaws to the IT Technician / IT Manager and we propose the best strategy to resolve them.  

Our flexibility and our speed of intervention, make Distline the right choice for your organization. 

Contact us for a consultation, we will analyze the IT criticalities of your IT Infrastructure and help you to find the most suitable solutions for your organzation. 

Dynamic like Distline