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All the new products and services in the Distline catalog


It's a smart solution, made in Germany, that provides a single identity check for all the devices connected to the network.

ARP-GUARD allows access only to authorised and identified devices, detecting every single access attempt in real time. This allows you to detect, report and resolve network anomalies.  ARP-GUARD works with every manufacturer and network technology used.


The Whistleblowing platform is a targeted management software of the Whistleblowing channel.

The software is a very simple to use and protects the identity of the whistleblower through encryption. In addition, it's compliant with the requirements imposed by D.lgs n. 24/2023, as it is certified by an external body.


It’s an innovative solution, compliant with ISA/IEC 62443 and NIST 800-82 standards, which protects the OT network by segmenting it and restricting traffic only to that needed for production.

This solution operates directly on industrial SDN switches already in use in production and allows you to create a Zero Trust environment, avoid lateral movements and ensure operational continuity.


Intrusa is a Cybersecurity solution created for the needs of SMEs , powerful, easy to use and also available as a managed service.

This simple and complete SIEM platform allows you to monitor user and system activities , collect and manage event logs, track file activity in real time, and analyse the status and security configurations of systems. All while operating in compliance with current data protection regulations.


Surface, Deep and Dark Web monitoring tool for detecting Data Breaches involving your Organization and scams on behalf of your company. Skurio allows you to create Alert Monitors to be notified in real time if exfiltrated data from your company is uploaded online, or if are being performed harmful activities to your reputation such as phishing or typosquatting.


Greenbone Cloud Services (GCS) is a network vulnerability analysis service that can perform a full scan of known CVEs on internal and external IPs, providing the results on reports that include description, scoring, and remediation of detected CVEs. The servers used for scanning are located in the European Union , in ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified datacenters.