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What is the status of your NETWORK?

A poorly designed IT infrastructure, built with inadequate and/or poorly reliable equipment, can cause many issues such as:

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We only use high-level hardware and software


We take care of every detail of your IT infrastructure

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From the IDEA to the REALIZATION

A NETWORK designed for you

We take care of all the design and realization phases of your IT infrastructure. We listen to your needs and analyze the particularities of your company, and we propose the most suitable solutions based on your business.

We work in every area of Networking to meet your needs, whether it is a structure to be created from scratch or an update of the existing Network. We manage your IT infrastructure and network for you.

Distline Networking: Application fields

We take care of every area of your Network and manage IT Devices and Cybersecurity Services.


We supply and configure according to your needs DELL / HP Physical Servers and Virtual Servers, optimizing its performance to the maximum. We migrate legacy servers to new devices, with server virtualization via VMware.


We use high quality Networking machines to guarantee you the best performance and unmatched IT security. We ensure your defense against external threats with i WatchGuard Firewall and Cyber ​​Security Services. We study the positioning of the WatchGuard Access Point covering the entire company area with a wireless network protected from any possible intrusion.


Your data is the most important thing. For this we use only the best Software and Hardware Technologies. NAS systems for high performance on-premises Backup solutions and our server located in the IRIDEOS datacenter or the REEVO infrastructure for your Cloud Backup. All managed with Veeam Backup & Replication: Back Up, restore and replicate data with a single simple and powerful console.


Our specialized technicians provide fast and effective assistance for any problem related to your IT infrastructure, remotely and on site. Thanks to the partnership with General Computer Italia we supply IT maintenance SLAs with fees often lower than the producers themselves.

Why choose DISTLINE?

A safe and performing NETWORK

IT infrastructures, systems and networks must be a solid foundation and not a source of problems, to let you focus on your core business.

Choose Distline for the design and management of your IT infrastructure to have the certainty of a high-performance and secure network in order to carry out your business in the best possible way.

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Case STUDY - Network Segmentation

The Customer is a manufacturing company operating in the Military Defense sector. It must provide strict guarantees on IT security for strategic projects.



Check of the existing configuration:

A Network with unified defense perimeter that connects:

Protected by single firewall for the whole network, with a DMZ


Search for critical areas and strict safety targets:


Analysis of the main vulnerabilities:


Design and main implementations:

The new project, drawn up on the basis of the acquired data and on the particular needs of the Customer, included:


Implementation of the IT Security Infrastructure:

The project was built using two WatchGuard m270 firewall clusters


Procedures and Vulnerability Tests:

Networking KIT

We take care of every area of ​​yours IT Infrastructure In the smallest detail.

Trust Distline for Networking of your company

Enhance your IT Infrastructure

IT Systems and Networks are the engine of your company. Don't compromise on them.

You can work with 100% concentration. Distline takes care of the rest. Our specialized technicians will support you in the creation and management of a secure, high-performing and efficient IT network.

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