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Vulnerability Management with Greenbone Networks

What is Vulnerability Management?

An in-depth ANALYSIS

Vulnerability Managementconsists of an in-depth analysis of the IT infrastructure, in order to identify any vulnerability (CVE) that could be exploited by malicious people to access an IT network.

Greenbone Networks offers the best performing tools for network vulnerability analysis through physical or virtual appliances and cloud services.

Greenbone Security Manager (GSM)

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Detection and remediation

Greenbone Security Manager (GSM) is an appliance for scanning and managing network vulnerabilities through Vulnerability Test (VT).

The solution consists in Greenbone operating system (GOS) on which it is installed Greenbone Security Feed (GSF), a scan protocol for Vulnerability Assessment, the web user interface and, in case of a physical device, dedicated hardware.

Greenbone Security Manager does not put limits on the IP number or range to be tested. The models differ in the maximum number of IPs that can be scanned every 24 hours.

Choose the CONFIGURATION suitable for you

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GSM is available as a physical device in three different classes, as well as as a sensor (in a master – slave configuration).

Solutions for SMEs
GSM 150 | 50 - 500 IP / 24h

Mid-range solutions
GSM 400 | 300 - 2.200 IP / 24h
GSM 450 | 500 - 4.000 IP / 24h
GSM 600 | 500 - 6.000 IP / 24h
GSM 650 | 1.000 - 10.000 IP / 24h

Enterprise solutions
GSM 5400 | 4.000 - 40.000 IP / 24h
GSM 6500 | 9.000 - 80.000 IP / 24h

GSM 35 | 20 - 300 IP / 24h

Greenbone virtual appliance


GSM is available as a virtual device in three different classes, as well as as a sensor (in a master – slave configuration).

Entry Level Solutions
GSM ONE | 20 - 300 IP / 24h

Solutions for SMEs
GSM CENO | 50 - 500 IP / 24h

Mid-range solutions
GSM DECA | 50 - 1.500 IP / 24h
GSM TERA | 300 - 3.000 IP / 24h 
GSM PETA | 1.000 - 9.000 IP / 24h
GSM EXA | 2.000 - 18.000 IP / 24h

GSM 25V | 20 - 300 IP / 24h

Greenbone Cloud Services (GCS)

Cyber ​​Resilience as a Service

The combination of the Greenbone Networks unique scanning technology and vMSP (Virtual Managed Service Provider) services.

GCS is the perfect service to carry out Vulnerability Assessment actions both for centrally managed networks and for distributed environments that require high scalability.

The platform works through a low footprint virtual gateway that can be deployed in minutes. You can use the results of the scan to improve your own digital resilience.

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OpenVAS Scanner

Greenbone OpenVAS

Open Vulnerability Assessment Scanner

OpenVAS is an Open Source scanner for Vulnerability Management developed by Greenbone Networks and licensed under the GNU General Public License. OpenVAS is part of the Greenbone Security Manager (GSM) product family and is capable of detecting approximately 50.000 network vulnerabilities.

Similarly to Greenbone Networks enterprise solutions, OpenVAS is suitable for Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Tests. However it does not grant reliability for professional purpose, because of its Open Source nature and the limits and discontinuity of the Community Security Feed used by OpenVAS.

To access the true potential of Greenbone Networks vulnerability analysis systems, choose the solution that best fit your network among Greenbone Security Manager (GSM) and Greenbone Cloud Services (GCS).

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