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Vulnerability Management as a Service

How many Network Vulnerabilities (CVE) are there in your network?

New network vulnerabilities are discovered and classified everyday. If not promptly corrected, they could be exploited.

Detect and fix CVEs


By scanning the corporate network internally


The CVE database is updated daily

Priority for the REMEDIATION

CVEs are ranked by risk score

GCS advantages

What is Vulnerability Management?

Vulnerability Assessment

How to distinguish it from a Pen Test

Penetration Testing (or Pen Test) is an analysis during which an expert attempts to gain access to computer systems and applications. It is carried out with the aim of verifying the security level of a network.

Differently, the activities of Vulnerability Assessment aim to identify and classify the vulnerabilities (CVE) present in the corporate network, through systematic tests carried out internally.

Vulnerability Management is a continuous process of Vulnerability Assessment activities, performed with a reliable tool that is constantly updated and with complete coverage of all CVEs.

Why scanning for vulnerabilities is crucial?

Le The shortcomings of Companies

Statistics reveal that:

A mistake common to many entrepreneurs is the risk underestimation, believing their company is safe from cybercrime or thinking “It will not happen to me!”.

Firewalls, antivirus and other security systems are indispensable, but they do not make up for the elimination of the flaws.

By assessing the health of your corporate network with a solid Vulnerability Management routine, you can target the most serious vulnerabilitiesand patch them quickly.


What are the Greenbone Cloud Services (GCS)?

GCS phase 1

A flexible CVE scanning service

Greenbone Cloud Services (GCS) are network vulnerability analysis services capable of performing a full scan of known CVEs on internal and external IPs.

After completing the Vulnerability Assessment scan, GCS reports the results in technical and executive reports, which include description and scoring of the CVEs and suggestions for the remediation.

With GCS, the risks deriving from cyber threats are minimized as well as the possible consequent business disruptions, both in centralized networks and in distributed environments with high scalability.

The Servers used for scanning are hosted in a ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified datacenter, located in the European Union.

How do Greenbone Cloud Services?

The three stages of Greenbone Cloud Services scanning

Phase 1

GCS phase 1

Scan requests are sent to the Greenbone Scan Cluster, where they will be processed.

Phase 2

GCS Phase 2

The scans are performed through a Virtual gateway for communication.

Phase 3

GCS phase 3

After completion, scan reports are transferred from the Scan Cluster and are available to download on the GCS control dashboard.

Case Study

GCS for IT consulting

Manage your customers with GCS

The Customer is a consulting company in the IT Security sector who chose the Greenbone Cloud Services solution to carry out internal vulnerability assessment on their customers' IT networks.

Distline, service provider, has activated the tenant platform for the Consultant, and every month provides the IP quota requested for scanning.

Through GCS, our Customer can offer a powerful and highly flexible Vulnerability Management Cloud service, which allowing them to perform different types of scans and to monitor results and trends in a user friendly way.

GCS helped the Consultant to broaden the Customer base to achieve a large cost reduction compared to a in-house solution.

GCS consultant

What our customers say

"The product has been very useful, it works great and the reporting is very easy to consult."

GF, Cybersecurity Consultant - Sysup Srl

"Excellent product that works well, with the pros of the elasticity of the licensing and the possibility to modify the target IPs of the scans."

CB, Cybersecurity Consultant - Net Patrol Italia Srl

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We are certified as Greenbone Excellent Partner, and we supply GSM and GCS world-wide.

Our job references cover a broad range of projects for Universities, Organizations, Private Companies and IT Consultants.

The project experiences contributed to deepen the knowledge of Greenbone Networks systems of our technical and commercial teams.

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IDENTIFY and CORRECT Network Vulnerabilities

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