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Visitor Management DIGITAL

App for Attendance Register and Visitor and Guest Management

Why abandon the paper visitor register?

The traditional paper visitor register at the reception presents several problems and inefficiencies:

Why use an APP for Visitor Management?

SPEED UP the procedures

Simplified entry, exit and evacuation

EASY to use

With the web management panel

CUSTOM notifications

Real-time notifications for appointments

Visitor Management
Distline tablet visitor management

How does the access management app work?

A revolutionary system for company reception

Simplify the access procedures for visitors by managing them with an easy customisable app for tablets. Visitors will be able to digitally sign their access and privacy and security documents. The system can also integrate the data of different offices automatically.

Visitors walking into a company office will be able to sign their access with 3 methods: Data Entry, Personal Code and QR Code Entry. At the end of the entry procedure, an e-mail notification is sent to the selected company contact.

The exit from the Company uses the same methods of the entry. It is also possible to prompt a customisable survey to the visitors.

Web centralized management

Custom configuration

The Web Portal is the tool used to configure the application for Visitor Management.

Through the Web Portal you can organise the visitor register, the guests’ data, the offices and the surveys. You can also export in PDF or Excel the register of the people who have visited the company in a certain period.

In case of an emergency you can send an evacuation notification to the visitors present in a certain location. In this way you can act promptly for the safety of those present.

Distline visitor reception

Entry and exit methods

3 different ways to allow visitors to sign in and out from the company.


The visitor enters personal data on the tablet at the reception. The company can require up to 10 custom fields to be filled in.


The visitor enters a unique personal code, which is customisable from the Web Portal.


The visitor scans the QR Code, received previously via e-mail or printed.

Tablet Supports

Distline provides floor and desk tablet supports, to be placed at the entrances of your company offices. This solution allows you to secure your devices, preventing thefts and accidental damages.

Distline covid scanner support

Visitor Management ADVANCED

Choose digital transformation with the innovative visitor log app. A simple, safe and effective solution for your company.

Trust Distline for your new one visitor log digital

Open the doors of your Company

Welcome visitors and consultants with a new and functional access method.

By implementing the digital Visitor Management solution you will be able to guarantee your guests a quick and easy access procedure and you will ensure that the privacy and security documents have been read and signed.

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