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IT Compliance Management Platform

Simplify the management of compliance to ISO standards and other regulatory schemes

How much does it cost you to manage the compliance to ISO, Privacy, Administrative Responsability, Whistleblowing...?

Compliance with regulatory standards, ISO or other factors, is a long and difficult process , which requires a lot of of time and resources.

In particular, for ISO management standards, the process doesn’t end with the certification, because review and continuous improvement require continuous document reviews .

This leads to many difficulties such as:

Digitalise ISO compliance management and more

FORGET Excel files

Using built-in modules

MANAGE the processes

Quickly and easily

PERFORM audits and updates

With an automated platform

Managing ISO compliance with KRC

The Challenges of process management

Process Management Difficulty

Complications of using disaggregated files

The processes are a fundamental element on which ISO compliance is based, and are made up of a series of interconnected activities. The processes describe how the company works, and can be more than several hundreds.

Processes are, by their nature, dependent on each other, and are subject to continuous changes over time, to adapt to the evolution of the company's activity.

In addition, the processes are connected to a long series of forms, databases and documents , necessary for the company operations or required by regulations.

Maintaining the consistency of one or more ISO management systems manually, therefore, is so difficult and involves the risk of losing the effectiveness and efficiency in adopting an SGI , with a huge waste of time and resources.

Who needs the Compliance Management platform?

KRC Privacy Consultant

Privacy Consultants

Companies that adopt one or more regulatory schemes

KRC Compliance Consultant

Compliance Consultants

Integrated Digital Compliance Management

KRC®: a software created for Compliance

To remedy the difficulty of manual management of regulatory compliance, in particular with ISO standards, there is only one way: digitize and integrate.

KRC® (Knowledge, Risk and Compliance) is the solution that helps you manage compliance with all points of the most important regulations thanks to the visualization and management of flows, processes and objectives.

The platform is adapted to an organisation that use it , offering both a solid structure that fully complies with the regulations and the flexibility necessary to adapt to any context.

Digital Compliance Management Integrated with Keisdata KRC

The regulations managed from KRC®

Integrable software forms for every need

ISO 27001_KRC

Information Security

ISO 27001: 2022


ISO 9001: 2015

ISO 31000_KRC

Risk Management

ISO 31000 and COSO Management

Business Continuity

ISO 22301: 2019

ISO 45001_KRC

Health & Safety

ISO 45001:2018 and Legislative Decree 81

ISO 14001_KRC


ISO 14001: 2015


ISO 37001: 2016

Facility Management

ISO 41001: 2018


Model 231

OdV Legislative Decree 231/01

Plant and Machines

Machinery Directive and harmonized standards 2019 and Legislative Decree 81/08


EU Directive 2019/1937 and Legislative Decree 24/2023



European Regulation GDPR EU 679/2016

Sustainability Strategy and Reporting

EU CSRD Directive 12/2022 and Legislative Decree 254/2016

Social responsability

CSR SA 8000:2014

Other regulations_KRC


Project and Insurance Risk Management, HR, Audit

Software integration of Management Systems ISO with KRC®

KRC helps with ISO Compliance

Like KRC® helps you manage compliance

If you deal with regulatory compliance management, project risk management or insurance risk management, you will surely have tasted it complexity of matter e the interconnection that exists between the various processes and the regulations themselves.

For this, KRC® offers a way to "see clearly", with a structure designed for keep track of various standard points and connections between processes.

Not only that: KRC® It makes your life easier integrating the common standard points to ISO Management Systems.

Furthermore, the Compliance Management platform allows you to plan activities to be carried out (e.g. training), helping you manage it deadlines and contents clearly and quickly.

Regulatory compliance like you've never seen before

The KRC platform® it allows you complete and integrated management of standard points.

Distline is a distributor of the IT solution for compliance KEISDATA

Manage compliance with KEISDATA KRC®

Managing regulatory compliance has never been easier.

The KRC IT platform® it allows you to easily integrate and manage compliance, compliance, audits, and everything you need to meet regulatory requirements.

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