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Why do you need a BACKUP and RESTORE?

A research* found out that 1 out of 5 companies incurs in data loss after unforeseen events. 60% of these companies go bankrupt due to:

*Source: la Repubblica – Dell EMC Global Data Protection Index

BACKUP and RESTORE with Distline


We configure the system for automatic saving


Replicas for Data Redundancy


Lightning-fast restores for files and applications

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Your data is the most important thing. This is why we use the best systems and the most reliable technologies to ensure high performance, data redundancy and operational continuity.  

Everything is managed with a single simple and powerful console for Backup, Restore and Data Replication: Veeam Backup & Replication.Veeam B&R works in Cloud, virtual and physical environments even at the same time, offering maximum operational flexibility. Reduce recovery time for files, VMs, NAS and applications.

Choose the CONFIGURATION suitable for you


Local backup with two NAS units, one main and one for redundancy, to protect the integrity of your data in any eventuality. High speed recovery.


Hybrid Backup is the ultimate backup and restore solution. The double data localization offers you the reliability of the Cloud with all the accessibility and speed advantages of the local NAS solutions.


Cloud backup on the Reevo infrastructure or on our dedicated Server located inside the IRIDEOS Data Center in Milan. Your data is stored in a controlled environment with 24/7 surveillance.


Our BACKUP service for the Company

The customer had over 90 PCs, all of them to be backed up, as well as 2 VMware vSphere cluster nodes with 12 VM.

A Hybrid Backup solution has been designed and implemented to ensure maximum reliability and high performance for the customer.

A RAID 6 NAS, with 10 gbps connection to ensure the fastest communication with the cluster structure. The Cloud Backup was configured on the Distline Server located in the IRIDEOS Data Center in Milan, and the data protected with encryption. Data transport, compression and deduplication were carried out through Veeam WAN Accelerator.

Both configurations include 14 restore points, and Backups are managed automatically for both the local and remote parts by the Veeam Agent software.

Thanks to our Backup and Restore solutions, the Customer stopped worrying about the security of his data, focusing only on its Business.

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Your data could not be safer, thanks to the knowledge of our technicians.

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Each company has its own critical needs. This is why we support each customer carefully and effectively.

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