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Unified platform of Cybersecurity

Is your company covered from all types of cyber attacks?

Hackers have many kinds of cyber attacks at their disposal, from phishing to exploiting vulnerabilities and stealing credentials. Having unprotected areas in your Company significantly increases the probability of suffering a data breach, with consequences such as:

Simplify Cybersecurity with Censornet


A single platform to manage information security

TOTAL Protection

Of the attack surface


Alert correlation and kill-chain blocking

Censornet simplifies Cybersecurity with a single management platform

The advantages of the Censornet unified platform

The security services included in the single Censornet platform

What security services are included in Censornet?

The Censornet platform integrates the following Cybersecurity services:

But that's not all.

The Censornet platform is capable of correlating alerts received from its security tools to instantly block the kill chain when an attack is detected.

This killer-feature takes advantage of the powerful proprietary engine ASE – Autonomous Security Engine.

Close the gaps in your cyber defense

Unify Cybersecurity with Censornet

The average SMB uses 24 separate security products. This leads to numerous gaps in the defence.

The "silos" vision of security, where each product covers a specific area vertically, is no longer an option.

In fact, lots of attack indicators are lost, because the various security solutions do not communicate with each other.

Censornet is able to connect email, web and cloud security with identity and context information instead, dramatically decreasing the weak points that can be targeted. Close the security gaps in your company with Censornet!

Censornet Cyber ​​Defense

Censornet security products

The solutions integrated into the Cloud Censornet platform

Email Security

Protection of incoming and outgoing e-mail.

Web Security

Protection of Internet browsing from harmful or inappropriate content.

Cloud Application Security

Identify, manage and secure the use of Cloud applications.

Identity Security

Multi-factor authentication to secure and simplify network access.

Autonomous Security Engine

It allows Censornet services to share data and context information.

Autonomous Security Engine allows autonomous attack prevention and automatic response to threats in machine time, correlating the events identified by Censornet products.

Not just IT security technologies

Cybersecurity training with Censornet

The value of Cybersecurity training

82% of data breaches in 2022 involved human error, according to a research by IBM.

To implement a solid and comprehensive Cybersecurity strategy, the importance of Human Resources training cannot be ignored.

However, to be truly effective, training must be carried out in a simple way and without being a burden.

Censornet has created an automated platform to train users to recognize phishing, through realistic simulations and very short training videos.

A single powerful and integrated Cybersecurity platform

Choose the complete, simple and unified protection of the Censornet platform.

Distline is the Italian distributor of Censornet solutions

Protect your business with Censornet

Protect your company in a complete, simple and performing way with Censornet.

Unlock the power of Censornet's Unified Cybersecurity and block all types of cyberattacks.

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