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Ensure secure access to corporate devices with Multi-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Do you know who is accessing your NETWORK?

A weak authentication such as password or PIN, can allow an attacker to easily intrude into your systems. *

* Source: www.watchguard.com

The advantages of Multifactor Authentication

USERS identification

The most advanced software


Prevent unpermitted logins

AUTHENTICATION on several levels

2 or more recognition factors are required

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Why is so important to adopt a Multifactor Authentication solution?

MFA hacker

Prevent intrusions with 2FA

The user authentication in the corporate network is one of the most critical processes for data protection. In fact, a hacker could easily intrude and intercept the target's username and password.

Once an attacker is in, he can easily obtain full access by escalating to administrator privileges and start exfiltrating confidential information, carrying out blackmails, installing malware, creating hidden backdoors to be always able to re-enter your systems later.

The use of a system of Multifactor Authenticationmakes impossible for a hacker to intrude via stolen credential, since the second factor is also required to be authenticated.

How to choose the right 2FA SOLUTION ?

3 key features of Multifactor Authentication

Security is the most important thing, but it is not the only parameter to consider when choosing a 2FA authentication system.

There is no point in setting up elaborated defense strategies if they are way too complex for the end users or simply unaffordable.

For this reason the 3 fundamental characteristics of a 2FA solution according to Distline should be:

Access management with 2FA Multifactor Authentication

Protect your logins with WatchGuard AuthPoint

Distline Authpoint watchguard


WatchGuard AuthPoint is the perfect 2FA solution for both larger companies and SMEs due to its ease of use and management.

AuthPoint is based on the use of the smartphone and its recognition as additional factors to prove your identity.

This system uses a combination of:

Comprehensive credential management with Total Identity Security Suite

Three Technologies, ONE SOLUTION

For an even more complete and secure management of credentials, WatchGuard has created Total Identity Security, a Suite that combines:

Total Identity Security secures every aspect of authentication by adding a second factor with AuthPoint, creating a optimal password management with Corporate Password Manager and proactively searching stolen credentials on 3 domains with Dark Web Monitor.

Distline offers the WatchGuard Total Identity Security Suite

Distline is WatchGuard GOLD PARTNERS

“We are a recognized as a certified Partner for WatchGuard Software and Hardware systems. Rely on those who have demonstrated their experience in the field in years of activity. "
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Case STUDY - Authentic Security

Easier and safer

Before Distline's intervention, employees were accessing the company devices just with a personal password. Security problems keep happening on a daily basis, ranging from too basic passwords written in clear text on post-its and constant forgetfulness.

With the 2FA WatchGuard AuthPoint solution configured by Distline, the Customer was able to solve the security problems related to authentication. The Company now has the certainty of the legitimacy of each access.

Strong FORTE, Zero Thoughts

Take advantage of WatchGuard AuthPoint's multiple authentication factors to ensure maximum security and avoid intrusions into the corporate network.

Rely on Distline to get the Multifactor Authentication in your Company.

PROTECT your company now

To prevent is better than to cure.

Do not wait to take countermeasures. 

Secure your work and your data from cybercriminals with WatchGuard AuthPoint and Total Identity Security Suite. Our Engineers will help you in choosing and setting up your Defense.

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