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Emails: can they be harmful?

According to leading industry vendors data, more than 90% of malicious software is delivered by email.

If not treated properly, a simple infected email can cause:

Why choose Libraesva Email Security?

Protection from MALWARE and PHISHING

With attachment and link testing


Block only the real malicious emails

Block 99,99% of SPAM

With a multilevel scanning engine

Libraesva Advantages

The dangers of Email

MFA hacker

What kind of attacks are perpetrated by email?

According to Spamlaws XNUMX billion spam emails are sent every day in the world. Many of these are harmless advertising emails, but some are attacks of various kinds:

In addition, an attacker could intercept incoming and outgoing communications (Man-in-the-middle attacks) to obtain confidential information and / or carry out industrial espionage.

Threat Protection disseminated via email

The effectiveness of Libraesva Email Security

Libraesva Email Security Gateway (ESG)  is the ultimate email security solution for companies and public administration.

Libraesva Email Security and Antispam system is a virtual appliance that provides complete protection for all next-generation threats, even Zero Day ones.

A real shield against malware, ransomware, phishing  and any other type of email cyber attack.

Email danger

Why choose Libraesva ESG?

Antispam Libraesva

The advantages features of Libraesva ESG

Libraesva Email Security Gateway is the most innovative solution for advanced corporate email protection. Here are the main advantages:

The Email Security features of Libraesva ESG

What are the functions of Libraesva ESG?

Libraesva Email Security and Antispam system acts as a filter that provides an analysis of all incoming and outgoing emails, thus ensuring advanced protection thanks to XNUMX levels of analysis, XNUMX antivirus engines and the proprietary sandbox technologies: URLSand and QuickSand.

Email analysis in entry and exit

Outbound spam filter

Why Libraesva ESG filters outgoing mail?

Spam isn't always voluntary.

The outbound mail filtering feature protects your Company's reputation from a fraudulent use of your e-mail boxes.

Some attackers use botnets to send malicious emails in the name of others, in order to make communications appear reliable and pass anti-spam and cyber security checks.

To avoid that your company suffers severe image damage unknowingly, the Email Security and Antispam Libraesva system also filters all outgoing mail.

This way you can be sure that the messages in your name are only the ones you actually sent.

Choose the configuration suitable for you

Libraesva ESG uses a VM (compatible with VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, KVM and Xen) that can be deployed On-Premises, on a private Cloud, or on Libraesva Cloud. Libraesva ESG versions are available for Office 365, both On-Premises and in the Cloud.


Libraesva ESG virtual appliance is installed directly on the servers of your company.


Libraesva ESG is installed on the Distline or Libraesva servers and is provided as a Cloud service.

International Prizes and Awards

Red Herring Top 100 Europe Award

Computing Security Awards 2019

Computing Security Awards

Virus Bulletin Spam Plus

Virus Bulletin

FORGOT of the dangers spread away EMAIL

Choose the virtual appliance for Email Security and Antispam Libraesva to protect yourself from the dangers that lurk in email.

Trust Distline for your Libraesva ESG Email Security

Your email in SECURITY

Use your emails without the worry of running into viruses or scams.

Libraesva Email Security and Antispam solution is fast, powerful and easily adaptable to any type of organization.

Choose Libraesva ESG for Email Protection.

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