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Cyber ​​dangers of NEW GENERATION

With the arrival of Artificial Intelligence, the Cybercrime has evolved. New technologies are often used for malicious purposes such as: *

* Source: www.watchguard.com

THE AVANT-GARDE of Antimalware

SECURITY at most

The most advanced software


Sudden actions to stop threats


Defense from all types of attacks


How it PROTECT ENDPOINTS effectively?

Mobile device antimalware

Every device must be PROTECTED

Working without smartphones and mobile devices has now become impossible. For this reason it is necessary to adopt adequate protection and management systems for all the devices used.

Choosing to protect only some of these devices means leaving your company's doors open to any cyber attack.

That's why we protect every kind of Endpoint: either computers, tablets, or corporate phones.


Next Generation Malware

What is Zero-Day Malware e Fileless bindings?

Cybersecurity systems aren’t the only ones that have improved in recent years - malware is also evolving and becoming increasingly more difficult to detect.

Nowadays, Antimalware must provide complete protection against next-generation cyber threats, including:

Choose theANTIMALWARE suitable for you

360 ° Endpoint Security

Comprehensive cloud security service including Antivirus, Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), Patch Manager, Reporting Tool, DNS Analysis and much more.

Blackberry Cylance

The new generation of Antimalware

Blackberry Cylance provides the highest level of protection thanks to the Artificial Intelligence. It anticipates Zero-Day cyber threats and attacks while maintaining unaltered system performance.


Smartphones and tablets play an increasingly important role in business activities. This is why it is essential to use management and protection systems that allow their use in complete safety. Manage mobile antivirus, cloud apps, security policies and permissions from a single simple platform.

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Artificial Intelligence on the go

MDM solutions for smartphones, tablets and other endpoints security.

Available either in an integrated suite or separately.

Distline it manager and cyber security based on artificial intelligence

CASE STUDIES - Blackberry Cylance PROTECT

Artificial Intelligence SECURITY with Distline

The Customer is a company that operates in the component production sector. Protection from cyber attacks was carried out using a traditional Antivirus software.  

Considered the amount of hours per week dedicated to analysing the encountered problems, we recommended a different solution to the company. After making careful analysis, Blackberry Cylance PROTECT was installed and configured on 82 company Endpoints.

The new Antimalware is able to identify and block a large number of previously undetected threats, significantly reducing the time spent by the company in managing IT security.

The result was achieved thanks to the Artificial Intelligence built into Blackberry Cylance PROTECT, which works by interpreting events in the corporate network and anticipating the execution of malicious software.

Maximum SECURITY, Zero Thoughts

Choose not to worry about viruses, hackers and cyber attacks anymore. We use the best Antimalwares to guarantee you the highest level of protection.

Trust Distline for your company's IT Security.

PROTECT your company now

To prevent is better than to cure.

Do not wait to take countermeasures. 

Protect now your work and your data from cybercriminals.

Our technicians will help you in choosing and setting up your Defense with solutions WatchGuard and Blackberry Cylance.

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