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Easy GDPR Compliance

Effective corporate privacy management

Why complying to the EU General Data Protection Regulation?

The GDPR is an opportunity to improve your business process.

Not complying to the regulation can lead to:

3 REASONS to comply with the GDPR

ORGANIZE your data

Safely and effectively

A new way of WORK

Improve your business processes


Respect the privacy rights of your Customers and Employees

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Are you in compliance with the PRIVACY?

Our GDPR Consultancy

During the first interview we will present you an overview of the current legislation and we will answer all your questions. Then we will begin an in-depth analysis of the company and we will draw up a work plan based on the most suitable technical solutions.

  1. Explanation of the legislation
  2. Clarifications on specific questions
  3. Business Analysis
  4. Choice of methodology
  5. Dedicated solution

How to comply with the GDPR

Not just Privacy Policy

Through our qualified personnel (Master TÜV) we offer a wide range of consultancy services for privacy law compliance, as well as IT services to automate the process.

The services are structured on customer's needs and can be carried out in modules, based on priorities:

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HIGH PERFORMING Compliance Technologies

We use the best software platforms to allow you to comply with the GDPR regulation in an easy and functional way for your activities:

Distline privacy lab

Privacy in a click

Cloud platform for the management of the requirements on the protection of Personal Data.

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Complete Log Management

Log Management Suite for the collection and organisation of system logs.


Thanks to our consulting services we will help you to work in compliance with the EU privacy law using technical solutions chosen for you.

Trust Distline for your Organisation's compliance with the GDPR

ADAPT now your Privacy

The compliance with the GDPR is not only an obligation, but also a new opportunity to increase the security and transparency of your business.

By working with our Professionals, you will be able to comply with the regulations in the best way for your company.

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