What do you expect from an ICT partner?

Your Requirements, our Solutions: join us in new era of the Information Technology. Efficiency, Reliability and Protection are our goals:

Distline - IT Systems, Networks and Cybersecurity.

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We are Greenbone Networks EXCELLENT PARTNERS

IT Vulnerability Assessment

Greenbone Networks is the leading company in the field of Vulnerability Management that offers GDPR compliant solutions to perform network scans, with total coverage of common vulnerabilities (CVE).

All solutions provide scan reports, perform a risk-based prioritization of detected CVEs and guide the IT Security Team in the remediation workflow.

Enter the world of Greenbone Networks with Distline: we are the only Italian company recognized as an Excellent Partner and provider of Greenbone Cloud Services.

Cutting-edge IT SOLUTIONS

On Premises and Cloud:
We boost up your network performances

From multinationals to SMEs, from e-commerce to physical stores, from hospitals to leisure services, the need remains the same:

A solid and reliable network allowing you to focus entirely on your business.

We study your requirements, design, install and configure tailor made networks deploying high quality equipment and the best software available in the market. We can upgrade your existing Network or build your project from scratch.

We will help you to select the IT Solutions that best suit your business, balancing On Premises Infrastructures and Cloud Services, in order to guarantee the optimal performances and top productivity.

Distline offers it solutions for network infrastructure and IT consulting
Distline solves cybersecurity gaps with anti-malware solutions and software


Your Security, our Priority

Cybercrime spares no one.

It is a real threat to all businesses, including small local businesses and shops.

A million Malware is released every day, and companies are repeatedly facing Phishing, Ransomware, Trojans and Spyware, just to name a few.

Are you sure you are safe?

Do you believe your organization is immune from cyber attacks?

To prevent is better than to cure. Rely on the expertise and assistance of those who have been working in the sector for years. Protect the result of your work from viruses and attacks now with our advanced Cybersecurity Solutions.

The quality of our


Dynamic like Distline

Speed ​​and Flexibility at your service

Don't get caught unprepared by emergencies, act early.

Every time we start to work with a new company we search for the flaws in the IT systems that could cause damage if underestimated. Than we analyze and report these flaws to the IT Technician / IT Manager and we propose the best strategy to resolve them.  

Our flexibility and our speed of intervention, make Distline the right choice for your organization. 

Contact us for a consultation, we will analyze the IT criticalities of your IT Infrastructure and help you to find the most suitable solutions for your organzation. 

Dynamic like Distline


Distline is in Castelfranco Veneto